Pune: In its pursuit of creating ‘service differentiation’ in the highly exclusive luxury performance segment, India’s largest luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz today, inaugurated its first ever dedicated AMG Service Bay at the AMG Performance Centre, Pune. As part of another segment first initiative, the dedicated AMG service bay will offer highly personalized, prioritized servicing at the shortest turnaround time. Only trained manpower from Mercedes-Benz Academy will be working on the AMG and Specialty cars using AMG special tools recommended by Mercedes-Benz. The initiative will be replicated in all the other six AMG Performance Centers across country in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and recently inaugurated APCs in Chennai and Kochi by end of the year. This initiative is also aimed at supporting the fast growing population of AMG customers in India.


Speaking on the occasion, Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented, “Mercedes-Benz India has been on a determined drive to create tangible service differentiation for its customers and relentlessly innovate through its service offerings. The brand’s topmost ranking in the recent J.D. Power 2017 India Customer Service Index study, is a clear testimony to this differentiation which is highly appreciated by our customers. The importance of personalized service experience is a key enabler in driving customer satisfaction in the luxury segment and we want to offer it to our AMG and Specialty cars owners. The dedicated AMG Bays across the 7 APCs will have highly personalized and prioritized service with shortest turnaround time, and aim to create a service experience which is as delightful and satisfying, as driving an AMG. The luxury performance and specialty car segment in India has immense growth possibility and requires special attention for customized service.”


Mr. Folger further elaborated, “AMG stands for automotive excellence, exclusivity and dynamic driving performance and the inauguration of the first dedicated AMG Bay in India reaffirms our promise to offer our customers superlative AMG ownership experience. With a clear leadership in the performance car segment in India, we want to focus on delightful service experience and sustain this leadership further. The inauguration of the dedicated AMG Service Bays is a strategic decision that will help create customer satisfaction and will strengthen our commitments to our AMG customers.”


The AMG pit stop is specially designed to offer prioritized and superior service quality; providing our AMG owners the preferred exclusivity. The bay is staffed by trained manpower from Mercedes-Benz academy who undergoes rigorous and uniform global training program to ensure a superlative service and maintenance. This is also supported by specialist service advisor who can understand the special requirements of their customers. The AMG Pit stop will offer strong and differentiated service positioning for AMG as a brand in workshops.


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