Remote Package

Mercedes me connect Remote Package

Remote Package

Programming auxiliary heating/ventilation*
Remote activation of your vehicle's auxiliary heating or ventilation for a pleasant interior climate from the word go.

Remote door locking and unlocking
Everything under control, even remotely: open and lock your Mercedes via smartphone, tablet PC or computer.

Completely tailored to you: store personal profiles in your vehicle and access them online via your Mercedes me ID.

Theft with parking damage notification
No nasty surprises: notification via smartphone in the event of damage, theft or towing of your vehicle.

Remote control windows/sliding roof
Remote opening and closing of your vehicle's windows with reassuring display of current status.

Vehicle location
Always find your way back to your Mercedes: Navigates you to your parked vehicle by smartphone.

Geographical vehicle monitoring
Set your own limits: Notifies you when your Mercedes is moving inside or outside of a defined area.

Vehicle tracking
Always keep an eye on your Mercedes: shows you just where your vehicle is at any given moment.

Notification when exceeding the driving speed
Controlled driving: Informs you when exceeding the maximum speed you have defined.

Valet Protect
Reassuring when you hand your Mercedes over to someone else: notification of unauthorised use.

Vehicle locator function
Helps you find your vehicle more easily: activates a light signal to guide you to your Mercedes.

Remote control Beginner driver mode
Activate via remote control: Driving mode with reduced acceleration for beginners in electric driving.

Remote control Parking service mode
Activate by remote control: Driving mode with limited power and limited access to personal profile data.