Deciding upon a Car Ownership Plan

Deciding upon a Car Ownership Plan

Deciding upon a Car Ownership Plan

Before you contemplate the various options of car ownership plans, your first muse is always the car, the journeys and the memories.


Let us visualize the dream. Your journeys are made complete with a car that makes you feel grand throughout your driving experience. A car that defines you, your choices at every turn and your passion to keep going forward.


This relationship works both ways, in the fact that your car will provide for you as long as you will be responsible for it. Taking the right steps towards owning your dream car is truly essential.


There are automobile companies that provide car ownership plans to help simplify the technicalities and reduce the hassle for securing your dream. Make sure you consider the following factors when picking your ideal ownership plan:


Duration of ownership


The more you drive your car, the more it starts to feel like family. When you opt for a car ownership plan, this is on the notion that your car will be there for you all the way. Your decision implies a commitment that builds strongly over time, including features and benefits that add value to it.


Convenience all the way


Technology evolves, as cars develop and adapt to an entirely new generation. Your choice of ownership plan must help you stay in trend accordingly. The ball should be in your court –whether you opt for an upgrade over time or stay with the current car for the possible sentimental value.


Best Financial solution


In the case of owning luxurious cars, the terms of your car ownership plan should make for the best financial solution to complement your elegant lifestyle.


Can’t put in a down payment? Not to worry. STAR Agility+ is there for you.


Your EMIs seem to be a problem? Make it lower with STAR Agility+.


Does the mode of payment make a difference? Never!


Customer Relationship Value


Communication is a priority for any relationship. A car ownership plan is as valuable as the attention given to you for all concerns at any point in time. Opt for a car ownership plan that listens to you first and your car even better.


For those who want to live the Mercedes-Benz life, STAR Agility+ is the best innovative ownership plan for you. It checks all the boxes, while keeping your requirements in mind.


Here’s how STAR Agility+ is designed by your dreams:

  • Flexible plans
  • Up to 40% lower EMIs inclusive of maintenance and extended warranty
  • Easy upgrades to 3 new cars over the course of 6 years
  • Assured buy-back value
  • keep, return or upgrade your Mercedes-Benz


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*Disclaimer: Mercedes-Benz Financial is a business division of Daimler Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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