Reach for Stars with Pre-Approved Loans

Reach for Stars with Pre-Approved Loans

Reach for Stars with Pre-Approved Loans

If you plan to make Mercedes-Benz your next big luxury acquisition, you are probably aware of Pre-Approved Loans being the most convenient financial solution available.


The decision to opt for a car loan can tend to be a tedious matter at the time, considering that the primary exhilarating vision in mind is to drive your dream car. Here are some factors to consider before moving forward:


Types of loan approvals

For receiving a loan, there are two processes that you can opt for: Pre-Qualification or

Pre-Approval. The difference between the two is explained below:




In case of luxury cars, pre-approved loans are unquestionably the best suited option given the finance ease that they come with.


Impact on credit score

Pre-Approved Loans imply a clear understanding of your credit score. It indicates that you have an upper hand as you are perceived to have a good credit history in the case of loans. To put it simply, this means that should you opt for one; the choice will not affect your credit score or report.


The role of banks in loans

Having your loan pre-approved at a bank or credit union is any car owner’s traditional modus operandi. In this regard, Mercedes-Benz Financial is a game changer as it offers in-house financial aid, where all loan formalities are managed under one roof. Your choice matters the most, and the Pre-Approved Loans by Mercedes-Benz Financial fully takes it into consideration.

With Mercedes-Benz Financial, you will receive a pre-approved loan in under 30 seconds, thereby having the complete time and liberty to explore your options of Mercedes-Benz cars. Mercedes-Benz Financial also offers the means of instant payment from home, with an online portal for your transactions.


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*Disclaimer: Mercedes-Benz Financial is a business division of Daimler Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.


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