Dreams fulfilled with Mercedes-Benz

Dreams fulfilled with Mercedes-Benz

Dreams fulfilled with Mercedes-Benz

When it comes down to Mercedes-Benz, there are only two outlooks. We know the type who intend to switch from one Star to the next and the type who understand the bright side of a Mercedes-Benz and turn their driving life around.


Consider this. Realistically, the driver chooses the car that sparks a connection on first glance. However, the car essentially chooses the driver. Call it metaphorical, but the driver and car are a reflection of each other; a mirrored vision of elegant lifestyle, a shared dream of memorable journeys in a comfortable limelight.


Irrespective of which category you fall into, Mercedes-Benz Financial has the perfect ownership plan that is tailored to your needs.


With STAR Agility+, owning a Mercedes-Benz has become easier than ever. It is designed by your dreams to pave the way for your next Mercedes-Benz to take you further than ever before. Here’s how you can get the best of this ownership plan:


Under 40% lower EMIs

Your means of payments over the course of your ownership plan period will be as per your convenience, including the privilege of 40% lower EMIs with STAR Agility+. Your plan can even start with a Zero Down Payment.


Flexibility of Choice

Your commitment with STAR Agility+ allows you to freely choose what to do with your Mercedes-Benz car. You may choose to keep your current Star for the sentimental value or return the Star whenever you want with all forms of damage and car treatment accounted for or upgrade to stay on trend.


Easy Upgrades

When you get the best of luxury, have your way to opt for better. In a span of 6 years, you can choose to easily upgrade between three Mercedes-Benz, bearing in mind the time spent with each car is at your convenience.


Maintenance and Warranty

If your Star faces any concerns along the way, you can count on STAR Agility+ to provide roadside assistance whenever you need. Your EMIs are all inclusive of extended warranty, quality maintenance and repairs to keep your Star shining bright as ever.


Assured Buy-back Value

Should you choose to return your Mercedes-Benz, STAR Agility+ ensures that you get your money’s worth when moving onto the next Mercedes-Benz. Returning your Star will guarantee a buy-back value, making the transition all the more smoother.


Book your Star today by clicking on https://bit.ly/StarAgility or, call us on 000 800 0501 888.


*Disclaimer: Mercedes-Benz Financial is a business division of Daimler Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.


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