Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India
unveils its best-in-class facility at Whitefield, Bangalore

Mercedes-Benz miniature plant
  • Design teams within MBRDI are actively involved in design, development and modeling of various subsystems such as Chassis, BIW (Body in White), CIW (Cabin in White), Power train, Suspension, Interior and Exterior components, Prototyping, Regionalization and Localization.
  • The CAE team at MBRDI is one of the largest teams within this Daimler function. Various groups within the CAE team work extensively in the area of evaluating various vehicle functions such as that of Crash, Stiffness, Strength, Durability , Powertrain, NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) Body in White & Sheet Metal Forming and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations .
  • The Electrical and Electronics departments within MBRDI have competencies focused towards Model-Based-Development (MBD) topics, Embedded Software Design (complete V-cycle) and SW Architecture Knowhow, Embedded Hardware (ECUs) knowhow and Simulation.
  • IT is also a key center of competence for MBRDI. The IT portfolio covers a gamut of topics including IT engineering, SAP delivery, Global and local IT infrastructure and operation services and from Jan 2013, CIO office for South east asia, India and Middle eastern markets to manage IT strategy, demand Management, and Project management for these markets.

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