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The basic principle for all efforts towards more personal security is integral protection. Perfectly hidden under an outer layer that is identical to its series-production counterpart, each Mercedes-Benz Guard comes equipped ex factory with a dense network of many protective components. That is how an autonomous vehicle is created from the ground up – capable of withstanding special and extreme stresses.

Integrated protection in detail

The Mercedes-Benz Guard principle

Ballistics – tested special protection

E-Guard technical data

E-guard model E 350 CDI E 350 E 500
Protection class High protection VR4 High protection VR4 High protection VR4
No. of cylinders/arrangement V6 V6 V8
Total displacement (cc) 2987 3498 5461
Rated output (kW at rpm)[1] 170/3800 200/6000 285/6000
Rated torque (Nm at rpm)[1] 540/1600-2400 350/2400-5000 530/2800-4800
Top speed, approx. (km/h) 240[2] 240[2] 240[2]
Fuel Diesel Premium Premium
Tank capacity (l) incl. reserve, approx. 80/9 80/9 80/9
Kerb weight with high protection (kg)[3] 2192 2075 2130
Perm. GVW (kg) 2620 2620 2620
Seats 5 5 5

M-Guard technical data

Model ML 500 Guard
Resistance Level acc. to BRV 2009 VR4
Number of cylinders/ arrangement 8/V
Total displacement (cc) 4663
Rated output (kW at rpm) 300/5000
Acceleration from 0-100 km/h (s) 6.5
Top speed, electronically governed 210
Fuel consumption (1/100 km), combined, figures in brackets refer to model without ECO start / stop function* 12.2 (13.2)
CO2 emission (g/km), combined* 285 (309)
Emission class Euro 5
Payload (kg)  

[1] Figures according to Directive 80/1269/EEC in the currently applicable version

[2] Top speed limited owing to tyres

[3] Figures according to Directive 92/21/EC, version 95/48/EC (kerb weight with fuel tank 90% full, driver, 68 kg and luggage, 7 kg) for standard-specification vehicles. Optional extras and accessories will generally increase this figure and reduce the payload capacity accordingly.

[4] Provisional figure

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