Mercedes-Benz India supports its customers with extended warranty and service initiatives

Mercedes-Benz India supports its customers with extended warranty and service initiatives

Mercedes-Benz India supports its customers with extended warranty and service initiatives

Eases norms of various customer services | Continues a seamless 24x7 Customer support via customer assistance center during the lockdown with the help of remote setup

  • Standard Warranty Extension: For Standard Warranty cases expiring between 15th April and 31st May’21 will be honored up to 30th June’21  
  • Protection against lapsed service: Misses on the scheduled annual service from 15th April’21 up to 31st May’21 would be honored up to 30th June’21 without affecting warranty benefits However, customers should ensure servicing of their vehicles before 30th June’21
  • Extended warranty and Insurance claim support: Claims related to Advance Assurance Extended warranty or Motor insurance (Daimler Financial Services Insurance) can be reported till 30th June’21. Such claims will be attained even if the extended warranty or motor insurance on the car has lapsed in the period of 15th April’21 to 31st May’21
  • Hassle-free Insurance renewal just a call away:  Through Daimler Financial Services, Customers can easily renew motor insurance policy by simply calling the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer and receiving policy over e-mail with eased payment terms
  • Extra period to purchase extended warranty: If the vehicle’s standard warranty period of 3 years is expiring between 15th April’21 and 31st May’21, customers can buy Advance Assurance extended warranty by simply calling the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership before 30th June’21
  • Mobilo on the move: Road Side Assistance with special permissions from authorities is made available wherever possible, to ensure customer support


Pune: India’s largest luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz announced a host of warranty and service initiatives to support its customers due to the current situation. These customer-centric initiatives include an extension on timelines to honour warranty claims and warranty protection against lapsed service. In addition, special support on extended warranty, insurance claims, and hassle-free warranty extension & insurance renewals are some key highlights of the customer support initiative. Mercedes-Benz India will continue to support the customers with its Road Side Assistance programme with special permissions, wherever required. Mercedes-Benz has also ensured ongoing communication with the customers through its toll-free number and customer assistance center  where the associates are working remotely to assist customers with their queries.


Martin Schwenk, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India, commented, “In the current challenging situation it remains our endeavour to assure our customers of complete peace of mind when it comes to their vehicles. Through these specially crafted service initiatives along with our service teams’ ongoing support working remotely, our customers will continue to enjoy a hassle-free vehicle ownership.”


Once the on-ground situation gradually normalizes in respective markets and service centres get operational, customers can avail services like DSDNxt, which allows them to stay connected with their vehicles from the comfort of their home and experience the entire service journey digitally. With DSDNxt,  after booking for an online appointment, customers receive a ‘Service Web Check-In Pass’ against each service, which then facilitates selection of service preferences, including the real-time tracking of the car during pick & drop, real-time service status update, download service documents, and online payment of service bills.


Car Care Tips during a lockdown: (Goes as separate annexure)

  • Right pressure for the tyres:
    -  Avoid flat tyre spots by moving your vehicle once a week
    -  Periodic checks for the vehicle’s tyre pressure


  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight:
    -  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a longer period to reduce overheating of car interiors


  • Windshield and wipers:
    -  Keep the wipers rested on the windshield and not vertically upright to prevent inadvertent damage to the windshield


  • Don’t let the brakes rust:
    -  Avoid washing the wheels as it might lead to rusting of the brakes when the vehicle is unused for a longer duration


  • Cover your car:
    -  Keep your car in indoor parking or use a car cover
    -  Protect it from rodents, dry leaves, and bird dropping


  • Keep interiors clean and dry:
    -  Remove leftover wrappers, medicines, etc.


  • Start the engine once a week:
    -  Switch on ignition once a week for 10 mins to effectively charge the starter battery
    -  Switch on the AC blower briefly for ventilation in the car


  • Avoid dry mopping on the paint service


  • Keep the vehicle centrally locked, with keys out of the ignition to prevent discharge of the starter battery


Car Care Tips after the lockdown:

  • Run the engine in idle before moving
    -  Keep the engine running in an idle state for few minutes before driving. This helps lubricate the engine and helps all the fluids to attain an optimum temperature


  • Do not crank repeatedly
    -  If the engine battery is low, do not crank the engine repeatedly as it may damage the starter motor
    -  Do not attempt to jump start the car on your own, rather contact 24X7 breakdown service at 000 800 0501 888


  • Ensure the scheduled maintenance
    -  Please make an appointment for due service with the nearest service centre once the lockdown is over


  • Keep the interiors clean before driving
    -  Roll down the windows, switch on the AC, and wipe away the dust
    -  Avoid scent dispensers, sprays, or alcohol-based sanitizers to clean exterior paint surfaces and interior plastic or chrome parts


  • Extra care for windshield glass
    -  Clean the glass with ample water before the wipers are used
    -  Ensure windshield fluid reservoir is topped up with right cleaning solution


  • Exterior wash
    -  Use water to wash away tree resin or bird dropping
    -  Keep the water drain channel from clogging by cleaning dust, dry leaves, etc


  • Tyres
    -  Use portable inflator to attain correct tyre pressure before driving out after lockdown


  • Brakes
    -  Check for the rusting of brakes | Gradually apply brakes 3-4 times when you drive out the car, to remove any accumulated rust and moisture in the brakes
  • Refuel the car before reusing it after a long pause
    -  Fuel up your vehicle to full tank capacity as long storage may result in fuel sludge


  • Check for any warning signals in the instrument cluster and contact the service centre