19th Edition overview

19th Edition

The MercedesTrophy is back & now in its 19th Edition. This time making it an even more exclusive and thrilling experience for its participants. In a continued effort to improve pace of play, we are adopting the R&A’s ‘Ready Golf’ initiative at this year’s MercedesTrophy. ‘Ready Golf’ is a commonly used term which indicates that players should play when they are ready to do so, rather than adhering strictly to the ‘farthest from the hole plays first’ stipulation in the Rules of Golf.

Golf Clinic-overview

Golf Clinic

Being a part of the Mercedes-Benz family gives you amazing perks, like joining the Golf Clinic with your family to learn the great game of golf. Now don’t just watch the game, be part of it.

Guidelines of participations

Guidelines of participation

This year has got a radical change - The priority/preference for participation will be given to only those  –

Who bought their Mercedes-Benz car between 2016-2018


Who got their car serviced in a Mercedes-Benz authorized service center in the last one year prior to the registration date of the tournament.

For detailed rules & regulations visit the Participate tab.


Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

In the 19th Edition, Mercedes-Benz collaboration with their global charity partner, Laureus Sports for Good Foundation has returned. The charity goes to underprivileged children helping them through sports.


An experience you can’t miss.


An experience you can’t miss.




Be a part of this massive sporting event which promises a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to everyone who would like to indulge themselves in the great game of golf. If you want to enjoy your day on the greens, have classy champagne luncheons or get golf lessons from experts, the prestigious MercedesTrophy guarantees an unforgettable experience. Participate now in the grand happening.

25 participants of MercedesTrophy who will buy a car from the date when the registrations open till the last regional tournament date will get a wild card entry into the invitational round of MercedesTrophy National Final 2019 (T&C Apply).