Education& Empowerment of de-notified tribals in Pune

Education& Empowerment of de-notified tribals in Pune

The Ashraya Initiative for Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and shaping the futures of vulnerable children in Pune, India. The organization is working for upliftment and development of two vulnerable tribe communities- Waghri and Sikligar. Through its four programs Ashraya is helping these children and communities. MB India is supporting 3 programs of AFC – Mother Baby Program, Education Outreach program and Holistic Development Program through which we have helped 32 Pregnant women and 360 school children.

Support to the Education of Hearing Impaired children

Support to the Education of Hearing Impaired children

4 out of every 1000 babies are born deaf. 650 children out of 1000 deaf children do not get any facility of education.

As per statistics, 800 children are born deaf every year in Pune district. That means 4000 children in the group of 0 to 6 years are deprived of preschool training. However, early detection and intervention can help these children speak and lead a normal life. Cochlea Pune for Hearing and Speech is dedicated towards the same cause of ‘let every deaf child speak’. MB India is supporting through providing operation cost of its rural centre in Manchar.

Vanadev Vidya Mandir School:

  Students participating in classroom activities
  Group activties
Extra-curricular activities for the students of Vanadev Vidya Mandir_1

Vanadev Vidya Mandir School:

Shashwat Trust is a Manchar based NGO working for betterment and upliftment of tribal people in Khed and Ambegaon taluka. The NGO is running a tribal residential school Vanadev Vidya Mandir at Aghane village, for the children from nearby communities of Khed, Ambegaon and Junnar taluka. Mercedes- Benz India through its CSR constructed 4 classrooms for the school, and also provides with operational expenses on yearly basis. The school is enabling primary education to around 110 students annually.

Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics Course

New ADAM facility at Cummins Engineering College for Girls, in collaboration with MKSSS
Hands on training for students

Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM):

Mercedes-Benz India in collaboration with Government Polytechnic Pune, Government Polytechnic Aurangabad, Government Engineering College, Thiruvananthapuram , and GB Pant Institute of Technology at New Delhi, started a unique Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics course (ADAM) in India for developing vocational competence that enables students to learn modern automotive technology and make them skilled personnel in the global market. The initiative has shown 100% result and employability since its initiation. A new ADAM facility is in progress at Cummins Engineering College for Girls, in collaboration with Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha (MKSSS), Pune, which will be the first of its kind course focusing only on girl students in Mechatronics course. Mercedes- Benz India provides scholarship to the students from lower economic background, from each institute annually.

Vocational Training at Don Bosco Institute


Advanced Auto Body Repair Centre at Don Bosco Institute: (Vocational Training at Don Bosco Institute):

Don Bosco was an Italian Roman Catholic priest who founded the Don Bosco Society in April, 1874. Don Bosco started a full-fledged Technical School – “Don Bosco Vyawasaik Prashikshan Kendra” (Proficient Training Centre) at Chinchwad, Pune in 2007.

Mercedes-Benz India in collaboration with Don Bosco, Chinchwad, Pune, started Advance Auto-body Repair Centre (AABR) in the year 2016. This type of course is not included in current educational syllabus. The course enables students to gain advance knowledge on Advanced Auto-body Repair Technology. The hands-on practical training in the course makes students industry-ready. Under this program, Mercedes-Benz India is supporting Don Bosco for its operational expenses.

Safe Roads


Safe Roads

India experiences huge number of fatal road accidents; one of the major reason being ignorance towards road safety and lack of awareness. “Safe Roads” is an innovative CSR project of Diamler AG at inculcating a sense of road safety, traffic rules, etc. Under this initiative, a Safety Exhibition Truck was driven around 7 tier-1 cities of India, to explain the general safety features of vehicles, traffic rules, etc. Project started off on 29th June 2015 at Delhi, covered 8 cities (Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi and Bangalore). Total 10 events were conducted at colleges for Students and at public locations for general public, through which around 13000+ (5600+ students, 7600+ students, 70+ Doctors & NGOs, 60+ Government Representatives) audiences were engaged in the activity. Driver training sessions were conducted for over 200+ drivers in Bangalore. The awareness created will go a long way in reducing the number of road accidents and resulting fatalities.

Scholarship to the aspiring female engineers:

Scholarship to the aspiring female engineers:

Mercedes-Benz India through its CSR, is supporting 12 girl students from financially backward families, to pursue graduation or post-graduation. This financial support encourages girls to complete education successfully.  The girls are also provided with many training programs apart from the scholarship support, including spoken English classes, personality development, etiquettes and mannerism, awareness of good health and hygiene, self-defense, stress management, confidence building, career guidance, etc. The scholarship facilitation is done with the help of Lila Poonawala Foundation.

Formal schooling to Katkari Tribal Students:

Art and Craft session for the students from Varude Katkari khelghar supported by NSM
Learning maths through activities

Formal schooling to Katkari  tribal students:

Nari Samata Manch (NSM) is a Pune based NGO working towards gender quality and rural and tribal development issues such as health, drinking water and sanitation and education. Katkari is one of the primitive tribes in Maharashtra that are recognized as “Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups”, who are engaged in making kaththa (or Kaath in Marathi). With lack of education and no particular skills to survive in the society, they mostly earn their livelihood from seasonal wage works such as agriculture labor. Poor awareness on education among parents, leads to incomplete schooling of children, despite being enrolled in local schools.

To bridge this gap among the parents and children about education, Mercedes-Benz India in collaboration with NSM is providing formal schooling to Katkari tribal students, to facilitate learning environment where Katkari children get opportunity of creative expression and develop additional capacities. Through this initiative, Mercedes-Benz India is supporting operation of 5 Katkari khelghars and overall 200 Katkari children from Mulshi and Maval taluka. 

Providing Soft Skill, Personality and employability enhancement program:

Outdoor training session for the ITI students
Training session for the students_1

Providing soft skills, personality and employment enhancement program:

Sarthak Foundation is a Pune based NGO working towards providing skill development training program to the students from lower economic background, to ensure employability and skilled labor in increasing market trends. Mercedes-Benz India in collaboration with Sarthak Foundation initiated the program to provide soft skill, personality and employability enhancement program for the students of selected 5 ITI, from Ghodegaon, Manikdoh, Velha, Koregaon Bhima and Bhor. These students will be provided with all the necessary skill sets to empower them in various sectors. Around 720 students from 5 ITI will be enabled with this initiative.

Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP):

Teaching through activities_2
Interactive sessions with the teachers_1
Interactive session with teachers_2

Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP):

Grammangal, a Pune based NGO is working towards providing quality education methodologies to the rural school around Pune. EQUIP (Educational Quality Improvement Program) is an initiative of the NGO, that focuses on developing, implementing and refining teacher-learning methodologies that are relatable and understandable. Mercedes-Benz India is supporting the NGO in providing quality educational program in rural schools of Ambegaon taluka, district Pune. This program provides capacity building training sessions for the teachers to uplift the quality of educational facilities. Around 32 teachers from 15 rural schools are provided with EQUIP training initiative.