The Perfect Blend
The Perfect Blend

Car design at Mercedes-Benz is process that blends art and science to create beauty. With the tradition of innovative design, each new model is a rewarding challenge for the design team at Mercedes-Benz. The philosophy is based on intelligent and progressive design that is efficient and effortlessly functional. It combines contrasts such as tradition and modernity to conceptualise masterpieces that stay true to both the elements.



The icon meets technology


Synonymous with innovation and excellence, Mercedes-Benz has always kept design as a priority. It is one of the many aspects which are strongly associated with the brand. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz carries a historic legacy. Many models have evolved over the years, every version being better and more powerful than the earlier. These iconic cars marry the traditional thought and the advancement of automotive technology while keeping the classic aspects consistent.


An excellent example of this is the new Mercedes-AMG G 63. The first model in this class was launched in 1979 with a distinctive angular exterior shape. Designed as an all-wheel-drive vehicle for civilian and military purposes, it was created to be ready for all terrains and challenges. The newest model is backed by enormous power through exclusive technology and finely tuned details while maintaining the iconic design structure. As the years have gone by, the G 63 has transformed not only by enhancing its technological prowess, it has added to the luxury, safety and comfort quotient as well.


Design blends with luxury


Just as the opulent features play an important role in the creation of Mercedes-Benz cars, the aspect of design takes the lead in some models. It is a treat to the senses as it combines the visual and sensual beauty to create an extraordinary experience for its owners. Creating a balance of these overwhelming elements is no easy feat. While one can overpower the other, some Mercedes-Benz models strike the balance between design and luxury with ease.


Launched in 2018, the new model of Mercedes-Benz CLS has redefined design history, just like its predecessors. Designed to seduce, this car spells beauty and luxury through its every aspect. The tilted front of the vehicle, extremely slim headlamps and a sporty radiator grille amalgamates luxury and design. While the exterior of the car entices all those who lay eyes on it, the interior is envelops the passengers in luxury with its lounge ambience. Through all of its being,  the Mercedes-Benz CLS is captivating and unforgettable.


Mercedes-Benz’s creative efforts focus on sensuous clarity as the definition of modern luxury. This expresses a fundamental aspect of the brand – the bipolarity of intelligence and emotion. The combination of inherently opposite elements creates a singularly, distinctive experience for the ones who own these masterpieces.