The Legacy of Mercedes in the World of Innovation

The Legacy of Mercedes in the World of Innovation

Mercedes-Benz is known for its ground-breaking engineering, it is the continuous innovation that drives it to deliver best or nothing. Right from inventing the first car to reset safety standards for all cars, Mercedes-Benz is recognized for leading through innovation. As Carl Benz stated, the love for inventing never dies, this has driven Mercedes-Benz to unfold a series of firsts in safety, performance, luxury, driving and more.  Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is engineered with intelligence and safety. It is a masterpiece crafted for those with a meticulous eye for beauty, a taste for unparalleled luxury and a desire for thrilling performance. Every vehicle refines passion, performance, elegance and more than one could have imagined.


Bold Beginnings

In the year 1886, the first car was invented by a German investor, Carl Benz. He was awarded a patent number 37435 for the first self-propelled ‘Motorwagen”. The petrol-powered car with a rear mounted, single cylinder engine, transformed the way people move. Further, to prove the automobile was investment worthy, Bertha, Benz’s wife, took the model on a 120-mile promotional road trip without his prior knowledge. She became the first female driver who also served as her own mechanic on the trip. From then on Mercedes-Benz has revolutionized the world of automotive engineering inspired by dreams and fuelled by innovation.

The automobile voyage got a new dimension when Gottlieb Daimler came on board and helped Benz to convert his idea into a full-fledged reality. In 1901, together they marketed the first Mercedes automobile. Benz and Daimler merged their separate companies in 1926, which gave birth to Mercedes-Benz, a brand inventing a fleet of stars.


Leading Through Innovation

From the year 1886 to 1921, Mercedes-Benz invented and designed many historic vehicles such as the historic win at First Auto Race, the invention of Honeycomb Radiator, Electric Powered Cars- which are ancestors of today’s hybrid drive, and the Multivalve Engine. Do you enjoy the smooth drive without feeling the unevenness in the road? The first ever 4-wheel independent suspension (1931) was the mastermind that allowed each wheel to respond individually. Along with a new hydraulic braking system. The Mercedes 170 features set a new benchmark for safety and performance for every car.

In a span of five years, Mercedes-Benz engineering invented the first diesel passenger car, the 260D which used almost 30% less fuel than its gasoline competitor. It then began its research on passenger car safety development in the year 1939. Using a test vehicle featuring an extremely rigid frame, side impact protection, and a collapsible steering column.

Door locks give you the sense of safety and security. In 1949, Mercedes-Benz developed the first Conical-pin door lock. These locks prevented doors from opening especially during accidents. The Crumple zones, a concept used universally today, was researched and received a patent in 1951 for the first safety car body with a firm frame and defined deformation zones. The crash testing program, a first-ever, became a rigorous regime for every new Mercedes-Benz.

The Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), pioneered by Mercedes-Benz was unveiled in 1978. This system helps drivers retain steering control even under heavy braking by preventing the wheel lockup. This became a milestone in automotive engineering leading to other spectacular innovations such as the 4MATIC all-wheel drive (AWD) in 1985.

Leading the motion world were inventions such as CFC-free climate control (1991), Controller Area Network (1992), The Electronic Stability Program (1995) - one of the significant safety discoveries, and the invention of SmartKey (1995), an anti-theft protection to unlock and start the car.

In 2002, Mercedes-Benz developed a brilliant system known as the Pre-Safe Collison detection, which recognized certain collisions before impact. This was followed by the inventive Attention Assist in 2010, which detects signs of drowsiness and audibly alerts the driver to take a break.

The year 2016 witnessed next-generation discoveries such as the PRE-SAFE Sound, PRE-SAFE Impulse Sound, and Active lane Change. These Car-to X-Communication enhanced the vehicle's visibility to detect danger and other critical information with a cloud-based system.


Today, Tomorrow, the Future

Every creation of Mercedes-Benz has engineered with the move ahead philosophy. From the first motor car to the several other discoveries which created a ripple effect in the automotive sector, Mercedes-Benz has built a legacy like no other. An incredible blend of innovations in autonomous driving, luxury, style, performance; the future has no limits. Be a part of this legacy and begin your voyage of best or nothing.