Succeed with an Inclusive Approach To Leadership

Leadership comes with a wide range of responsibilities. Being a designated leader, often means that you can influence and change policies, approaches and mandates that affect lives of your co-workers and peers. This is the time in your career to create a positive difference in not just your life but also in the lives of others. Decisions, goals, and objectives set by you no longer affect just you and your team but they have repercussions on the entire company. While this may seem like a burden to some, but to a true leader this is an opportunity to chart a path of progress and positivity along with contributing to the strength of the company.


To be able to do this, your approach and demeanor as a leader has immense significance. People and employee decisions are as important as business decisions for a leader. People from within the company and outside look up to leaders to set a precedent and lead by example. In such a scenario, it is extremely prudent to create bonds of positivity and an atmosphere of inclusion.


The steady increase in diversity in the marketplace, talent pool, customers, and many other important avenues demands that individuals and organizations become receptive and create a culture of inclusiveness. This goes beyond a policy on paper that addresses gender or cultural diversity; inclusiveness is creating a culture of mutual respect, involvement, safety and connection. It is the mark of a forward-thinking leader who believes in equality and success for all. Additionally, there are multiple benefits of having an inclusive approach to leadership.


Culture of creation

An inclusive workplace is conducive to new ideas, innovation and teamwork as every employee feels comfortable to share their point of view. This creates an atmosphere of openness and builds receptive approach. In a culture that rewards creation over differences, collaboration and creativity always take precedence.


Future ready                                                  

A workplace that appreciates diversity and inclusiveness automatically becomes a company that is receptive to change. As the world becomes your marketplace, your customers are no longer confined to a specific area. Cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity amongst employees becomes a strength as they are better equipped to cater to the needs of this new audience.


All Human

An inclusive approach to leadership also means an inclusive approach to communication. While the traditional approach to leadership refrains from participating in personal interactions, studies show that interacting with each other as individuals rather than just co-workers creates a deeper rapport which helps in team building and collaboration. An inclusive team understands each other strengths and weaknesses.                 


Learning Matters

Another benefit of an inclusive approach is that it promotes learning amongst the team and offers leaders a chance to increase their knowledge. By adopting this approach, there is an exchange of information and skillsets which helps the employees to achieve common goals more swiftly while appreciating each others’ contribution.


As the world turns into a single community, inclusiveness is the mantra for the future. Finding strength in differences, believing in equality and promoting unity is the way forward for any organization that hopes to succeed irrespective of these changing times.