She's Mercedes

Breaking the glass ceiling is no easy feat. But there are remarkable women from all over the world who have time and again proven their ability to excel and choose to lead. By outshining every other contender in their periphery, these women are leaders of today, the best in everything that they do, and the inspiration for the ones who will assume the same mantle someday.


There is a lot that these women have learnt through their audacious journeys. Invaluable knowledge through experiences that have tested their mettle at every step. Their path to being the best is a collection of stories that warrant a platform.


To connect these stars and create a unique network of leaders, who are inspiring each other and many others at every step, Mercedes-Benz launched ‘She’s Mercedes.’ This Inspiration Circle is a platform for women leaders to come together to ideate, share their knowledge, inspire everyone through their experiences and participate in conversations that open one’s vision to new perspectives and possibilities.


The goal of She’s Mercedes is to facilitate dialogue in order to inspire women from all over the world. Exceptional women from different fields and industries share their personal stories concerning a myriad of topics around business and personal life, as well as, how to successfully balance the two. These deeply intimate stories give us a glance into hopes, dreams, fears, mistakes, achievements and goals of formidable women who strived to achieve all that they have.


To build this community, She’s Mercedes brings women achievers together through networking events, a print magazine and a digital hub. The primary aim is to create a consistent dialogue and be an inspiration for other successful women. Through this effort, this evolved and unique initiative is becoming a place for women ‘who make things happen.’


The Indian chapter of She’s Mercedes was launched in July 2018. This event took place in collaboration with Vogue magazine and celebrate talented women across fields as diverse as fashion, sales and marketing, media and sports. She’s Mercedes events have been organized all across the world including China and the Middle East. Over 4,000 women have participated so far. Ensuring a steady exchange of information amongst women is the constant focus of each event.


The future of this initiative is as promising as it is participants. She’s Mercedes is continuously evolving and believes in growing with its participants as the years go by. With its ethos of knowledge sharing, dialogue and challenging stereotypical notions, She’s Mercedes hopes to continue the exchange where inspiration and mutual support can create excellence.