Managing High Potential Employees

As a leader, your work is like your ‘brainchild’, something you nurture with endless grit, dedication, and attention. In the organisation, you will come across team members who are a notch above the rest. These employees will redefine your goals, reinvent innovation and lead your ‘brainchild’ to new heights with their exceptional technical abilities. These high potential employees are treasures which require your time, investment, and dedication to make a big impact and advance as better leaders.


As a mentor, they look up to you for inspiration, aspiration, and essentials to become an exceptional leader. Providing mentoring and training is an opportunity as well a challenge. With the paradigm shift in organisations, a mentor needs to go beyond identifying, developing and nurturing the skills of high potentials. Provide them with the right experience through added responsibility and opportunities, and help them evolve into future leaders.


Give Them The Autonomy To Be Awesome!

As human beings, we crave autonomy, a feeling that brings a sense of independence, a sense of control and enhances our life experiences. Employee autonomy can be described as the ability and freedom of a workforce to take control of its work situations. True autonomy at work helps bring forth creativity, values and proves beneficial to the personal and professional growth of the individual and the organisation. Give highly competent employees the independence to bring in new methods to approach issues, problem-solving and individual skills. This ‘control’ will redefine innovation, functions and lead to greater satisfaction and productivity levels.


Test Them with Challenging Work

Identify the biggest problems at the organisations. And, give your high potential employees the task of decoding it. What's the outcome? It will keep them engaged and make them feel valued. Challenges are a great way of testing their skills, they are a medium for analysing their abilities during stressful scenarios and more. These exceptional employees also require feedback and support. Use this time them to engage with them, provide constructive feedback and build a relationship.


Identify Their Skill Gaps

High potentials employees may have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet the current requirements of the organisation, but what about future projects and expansions? Introduce them to the future, your vision and their role in it. The future plans will require certain skills, fill the gaps by training and solidify their foundation. What’s more, make transparency at the heart of your work as this is essential for developmental engagement.


Speak About Leadership

High potentials already bring a set of unique skills, talents, and knowledge to the table, focus more on the leading perspective than learning. This will lead them to their growth. Give priority to managerial skills by improving their technical skills, emotional intelligence, compassion, inspiration, and integrity. During this evolving phase, leadership support is always welcomed so set an example of a leader who looks at the bigger picture, identity’s areas of growth and leads the flock in the right direction.


In the end

As a leader or entrepreneur, you might often contemplate on the degree of investment and commitment that goes in moulding the future leaders. It is essential to remember that each high potential employee is like a step towards building the future of your organisation and  giving it that much-needed edge over the competition. All this while contributing to the creation of a future star.