Embracing a Leadership Role

Take a gracious bow! Your drive towards innovation, excellence, and performance has borne fruits. This moment of truth is truly a moment to capture. Leadership is like a drive towards excellence, innovation towards the best. Whether planned or unplanned, it is a milestone in life, especially for first-time leaders. During this career-defining moment, you will venture into a world of first successes, failures, and more. Embrace this opportunity as you step into this new role.


Business Acumen

Firstly, as the new boss, you need to take the onus for yourself and others. Have an understanding of your business, its functions and other specifications. As a leader you can no longer use the phrase, “I was unaware”. Your team members rely on you, so don't confuse them instead guide them! Get an in-depth knowledge of the business and its function by spending some quality time with a senior member and hone your understanding. Further, you can achieve this by setting aside some time to imbibe this knowledge, it will help you make smarter decisions as well.


The Moment of Impact

Leading is different than managing and other roles. Leaders are meant to be inspiring, enabling and co-creating. You are a role model to your team members. The way you communicate, conduct yourself, your decision-making skills, values, and other essentials are closely watched by your team members. It simply means, if you shun away from a task, you are setting a wrong example for the team.


Embrace Failures

As a leader embrace both your successes and failures. Failure is the most powerful source for analysing and understanding. Think about it, if you never failed at anything, you would never take up the opportunity to correct something.  With failures, you redefine moments and work on creating something brilliant. It teaches you about survival, renewal, and enriches your experience as a leader. As a leader be accountable for your actions, embrace these failures and grow as effective leader.


Importance of Empathy

Empathy as a skill focuses on understanding and recognizing other people’s feelings. Work towards gaining this core competency of good leadership. The transition to a leader along with mastering new skills can be challenging, but this shouldn’t stop you from honing new skills. It will take an incredible amount of disciple and understanding to hone these skills especially empathy. But, it will help you understand and mould your team members into the best versions of themselves.


In The End

As you move up the ladder, you will witness various changes. Your transition into a leader may impact your bonds with co-workers. Accept these situations and focus your energy on the vital things. Use your leadership skill to inspire and impact your people. Also, trust the people you work with, this will bring out their best. Step in when they need guidance and together work on achieving the best.


Mr. Roland Folger,

Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.