Elite Circle - Becoming A Part Of The Customer’s Life

In the world of luxury, a customer’s association with a brand begins the moment they choose to buy the product. Well-known brands with years of legacy are easily recognizable. They are often seen as symbols of prestige and status. These products, small or big, act as conversation starters. They continue to be a part of the customer’s life even after the product is longer in use. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that customer’s relationship with a luxury brand begins with a purchase and continues as long as it manages to stay on their mind. A brand can achieve this through the experience, quality and efforts that the brand invests in maintaining the relationship.


Often seen as a one-time purchase, products that demand large investments lose out on the opportunity to reach out to its audiences for repeat purchases frequently. At the same time, they have the privilege of staying in the consumers life through their service and engagement initiatives. After buying a luxury product like a car, customer gives you an opportunity to stay in their lives for a long duration. Using this opportunity, a brand can develop a relationship that can last for a life time. The challenge is engaging the customer in a positive and non-intrusive manner while ensuring that each interaction is of value to them.


A unique engagement initiative that connects Mercedes-Benz and its customers is Circle Elite. Designed to ensure that luxury experience of the Star continues once the customer steps out of the car as well, Circle Elite offers bespoke and curated experiences for the Mercedes-Benz owners. Each partnership is forged to guarantee that same level of luxury experiences is available to the customer as they dine, travel, and relax.

Mercedes-Benz’s Circle Elite program has tie-ups with lifestyle and luxury brands in the spheres of hospitality, entertainment, travel, sports, healthcare and more.



With partnerships with some of the best five-star restaurants in the country, Mercedes-Benz has curated dining experiences with special benefits for its customers. These restaurants as a part of hotels such as the Taj network, Hard Rock Cafes, Trident and equivalent. Exclusive benefits and special services can also be availed as a part of Circle Elite.



A comprehensive list of wellness destinations, suite specials, special packages and retreats are a part of the Circle Elite network to guarantee a rejuvenating experience for each Mercedes-Benz customer. Each customer is just a phone call away from opulent vacation specially curated to match the high Mercedes-Benz luxury standards.


Golf Experiences

A network of golf courses is also a part of Circle Elite. An exciting day or a relaxing evening, an all in one experience await the Mercedes-Benz customers looking to golf on their day off. These luscious greens are well maintained, serviced and perfect for those seeking unparalleled luxury while they learn to golf as a part of their complementary lessons.


Global Travel & Medical Assistance

Leveraging its global presence, Mercedes-Benz also offers its customers travel and medical assistance, emergency accommodation, document delivery etc. as a part of Circle Elite services. These services cover many essentials that a traveler may need during an emergency in a foreign country.


In addition to these experiences and services, Mercedes-Benz also offers many more bespoke services including special access to airport lounges, entry to premium entertainment events and cultural events, intercity services, etc. Circle Elite is carefully intertwined in the customer’s life to ensure that it becomes a constant companion, an extension of the exceptional luxury and service that all Mercedes-Benz customers deserve.