Creating a sustainable change

In a world that is vulnerable due to climate change, being an environmentally conscious organization is non-negotiable. Another priority at Mercedes-Benz is to contribute towards environment sustainability and preservation.


With these critical focal points, Mercedes-Benz India is involved in multiple programs and initiatives across the country. Creating an immediate impact while ensuring sustainability is the focus of every initiative launch by us.


Foundation of Growth

An essential part of creating a long-lasting impact is providing quality education and literacy. Through our many initiatives, we provide education and skill development opportunities to underprivileged students across the county. At a local level, we work with NGOs such as the Shashwat Trust to aid the displaced tribal people at Aghane village in Pune. This trust is engaged in providing primary education to children of these communities along with increasing accessibility to primary health care and better sanitation options at remote tribal villages.


Nationwide, Mercedes-Benz has collaborated with Laureus, a global NGO and partnered with local NGOs to bring together students through sport. Underprivileged girls participate in the training programs and life skill sessions that address the issues of gender equality, quality education and cultural perspectives.


Along with these programs, Mercedes-Benz also offers vocational training in the areas of automobiles and engineering to help enhance skillsets and increase employability.


Giving back to the world

As one of the fastest growing countries in the world, it is our responsibility to actively protect and preserve the natural resources of the country.  To enable the country’s development, these resources are rapidly being exploited, aggravating the number of the environmental concerns.


A part of Mercedes-Benz’s CSR initiatives is contributing positively towards this growing concern. We along with our project partners  have planted 70,000 trees  [bv1] at different locations of degraded forest areas of Maharashtra. This activity not only contributed towards creating a healthy environment but also generated alternate livelihood options for the community. In immediate vicinity of our manufacturing facilities, Mercedes-Benz India has planted 950 native trees to increase the green cover and support biodiversity in this area.


Mercedes-Benz participated in Maharashtra government’s Jal Yukta Shivar (Drought Free Maharashtra) initiative by building more sustainable watershed structures and groundwater recharge in major drought hit areas of Khed and Ambegaon taluka to ensure a source of drinking water of the communities in these drought-struck areas.


Safety Begins At Home

Safety is at the core of our belief and value system. Mercedes-Benz works relentlessly to provide outstanding and unparalleled safety standards in all of our cars. Extending this belief and spreading the message of safety on the road is another priority in our CSR strategy. Mercedes-Benz India, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles and Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India came together to institute the Safe Roads initiative.


The Safe Roads initiative showcased the latest in our ground-breaking technology. Including Automotive Radar System (ARS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which are proven to eliminate the possibility of road accidents by a huge margin. This exhibit included various installations and demonstrations to create awareness about existing safety equipment available in the market and its effectiveness.


Each initiative undertaken as a part of our CSR programs is carefully chosen and connected to the company’s beliefs, future and customers. Through these programs, Mercedes-Benz India is creating a sustainable change and opportunities for the people who need it the most.