Almost nothing gets past the A-Class Limousine.

The image shows the interior of the A-Class Saloon from the front passenger's perspective.

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Get on board.
The image shows a side view of the A-Class Saloon.

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Book your test drive now.


The A-Class Limousine is fully focused on your safety.


The A-Class Limousine is fully focused on your safety.

Active Brake Assist

Active Brake Assist is always attentive to you and can help to avoid serious accidents due to insufficient distance or inattentiveness.

The system then gives a visual and acoustic warning of an impending collision. If you then brake too weakly, it offers you braking assistance appropriate to the situation.

Live Traffic Information

Arrive at your destination by the best route without being stressed: whether in rush hour or on a trip.

With Live Traffic Information, your navigation system receives traffic data in near-real time for optimised dynamic route guidance. Accurate, up-to-the-minute information on congestion helps to reduce your journey time.

Reversing camera

-  Camera in the release handle in the tailgate (protected against dirt)

-  High-resolution image in the media display

-  Merges guide lines when reverse parking and manoeuvring

-  Automatically switches on when reverse gear is engaged


-  Makes use of the time prior to an impending accident on your behalf.

-  The innovative PRE-SAFE® Sound generates a noise from the speakers which is able to trigger a protective reflex: your hearing briefly disconnects, thus protecting itself from the loud noises of the crash