Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products

For a brilliant appearance.

Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products
Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products
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Mercedes-Benz Car Care Products

For a brilliant appearance.

Staying true to our customer-centric philosophy, we have launched an extensive range of Mercedes-Benz car care products. These products are best in quality, environment friendly  and have been crafted exclusively for your Star.

  • Mercedes Benz Quick and Clean Combo Pack

    Quick Clean Combo

    It is the first ever ‘Dry Wash’ product for ‘Home Use’. It is a solution that meets all requirement of cleaning exterior as well as interior of your vehicle and is mild on your skin too.

  • Mercedes-Benz Interior Car Care Kit

    Mercedes-Benz Interior Car Care Kit

    This kit is the complete solution to meet your requirements of keeping your interior clean.

    Cockpit lotion in this kit is one solution for leather, fabric as well as plastics. Due to anti-static effect of solution, it doesn’t attract dust and keeps the interior clean for longer time. Interior Windscreen cleaner gives excellent glass cleaning with an anti-misting effect. It removes dust, grease and nicotine in one application.

    Car Care Cloth and interior glass sponge are specially made for cleaning interior trims and glass respectively.


    • The Mercedes-Benz Cockpit Lotion that keeps leather, fabric and plastic interiors clean.
    • The Mercedes-Benz Windscreen Cleaner that not only cleans your windscreen but also gives it an anti-misting effect.
    • The Mercedes-Benz Car Care Cloth and Sponge leave the interiors of your Star sparkling clean.


    • Clean the cockpit of your Star with the Mercedes-Benz Cockpit Lotion. Its anti-static effect keeps your Star clean and dust-free.
    • Easily wipe away nicotine, dust, and grease with one application of the Mercedes-Benz Windscreen Cleaner.
    • Use the Mercedes-Benz Car Care Cloth and Sponge to wipe away any residual dirt.



  • Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit

    Mercedes-Benz Exterior Car Care Kit

    It is the compact but complete exterior cleaning kit for regular use.

    • MB Shampoo containing phosphate-free detergents give effective cleaning. Only 25 ml with 5 liters of water is sufficient for single wash.
    • Wheel Cleaner removes stubborn fouling such as brake dust, oil deposits and other road grime etc. It sticks to the fouling for long time and dissolves it.


    • The Mercedes-Benz shampoo made with phosphate-free detergents
    • The Mercedes-Benz Wheel Cleaner makes removing stubborn stains easier than ever.
    • The Mercedes-Benz cloth and sponge are made specially to clean the wheels of your Star.


    • Mix 25 ml of your Mercedes-Benz shampoo with 5 litres of water for a sparkling Star.
    • Clean your wheels with the Mercedes-Benz Wheel Cleaner, which dissolves fouling like oil deposits
      and road grime in a single go.
    • Complete your car care with a sponge and cloth designed to clean the wheels and exterior surfaces of your Star.
  • Mercedes-Benz Premium Car Care Kit

    Premium Car Care Products

    This is the comprehensive kit useful for complete car detailing operations including interior as well as exterior.

    • Interior Care- Cockpit lotion in this kit is one solution for leather, fabric as well as plastics. Textile upholstery cleaner and leather care foam are specially designed for leather and fabric interior cleaning.
    • Exterior Care- Mercedes-Benz Genuine shampoo, wheel cleaner and interior glass cleaner collectively gives a comprehensive cleaning of car exteriors. Paint Polish gives the gloss to exterior surfaces.


    • The Mercedes-Benz shampoo is foamless and gives a sparkling effect
    • The Mercedes-Benz Wheel Cleaner that removes stubborn stains easily
    • Textile Cleaner, Leather Foam and Cockpit Lotion that cleans plastic, fabric and leather interior surfaces.
    • Use the microfiber cloth, polishing wad and wheel sponge provided with the kit to give your Star the perfect shine.
    • Mercedes-Benz Glass Cleaner cleans the window glasses as well as the front and rear windscreen.
    • The windscreen washer is an additive for windscreen washer system. This cleans both the front and rear windscreens as well as headlamp lenses (if applicable).