Drive a Mercedes-Benz in your pay? A dream made possible

Drive a Mercedes-Benz in your pay? A dream made possible.

Drive a Mercedes-Benz in your pay? A dream made possible.

Mercedes-Benz Financial India presents a plan designed by your dreams. Star Agility+. 


Once upon a time, affording a Star used to take a lifetime's worth of savings, planning and investment. Thankfully, today the world's most celebrated icon of success needs no such hard work. At Mercedes-Benz Financial, we have a way to turn your aspiration of a Mercedes-Benz to reality. 


Mercedes-Benz Financial is the most preferred car finance partner for owning a Mercedes-Benz for two reasons. Firstly, it is because we come from the house of Mercedes-Benz and are a part of Daimler. Secondly, it is because we offer the most trusted and easy ownership solution today. Such as Star Agility+.


Simply put, it is a luxury car finance plan #DesignedByYourDreams. Star Agility+ is supportive of your current needs, future goals, and unpleasant ups and downs of life. Without further ado, where the Mercedes-Benz can be yours at this very moment. 


All-inclusive EMIs


Star Agility+ lets you decide your monthly car EMIs and tenure duration as per your goals and current investments. What’s more, your monthly payments are 40% lower which are inclusive of maintenance and extended warranty and you can also avail trade-in benefits.


A worry-free assurance

When you choose Star Agility+, you also get the security of a Guaranteed Future Buy-back value for your Star, right at the beginning of your tenure. It’s the most assured car finance plan.


A flexible car finance plan


At the end of your tenure, you can choose from any of the three choices.

  • Upgrade to the latest Star model without a hassle.
  • Keep it by paying up.
  • Return the Star whenever you want, with all forms of damage and car treatment accounted for.


Support every step of the way 


For us at Mercedes-Benz Financial, customer relationships last for a lifetime. We have a dedicated customer support team and an emergency assistance team to help you every step of the way whenever you should need us. Online financial tools to help you get car finance quotes, manage your car financing information from the safety of your home. And a virtual experience set up where you can own your dream Mercedes-Benz without stepping out of the safety of your home.


To know more click here or, call us on 000 800 0501 888. 


*Disclaimer: Mercedes-Benz Financial is a business division of Daimler Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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