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A pre-approved loan even before you test-drive Mercedes-Benz? A dream come true.

A pre-approved loan even before you test-drive Mercedes-Benz? A dream come true.

“Why can’t owning a dream Mercedes-Benz be easy?”
“I wish owning a Mercedes-Benz can be a hassle-free ride.”
“Why does owning the coolest ride ever have to feel like an uphill task?”


It’s questions like these that inspire us every day at Mercedes-Benz Financial. It’s what helps us design and innovate plans and schemes that make your Mercedes-Benz ownership experience as beautiful as driving one. A reason why millions around the globe trust us.

If these questions have struck a chord with you, let us introduce you to our financial solution where a loan comes to you without visiting your bank. So that you can own a dream car at ease and at your terms and conditions.

Introducing Mercedes-Benz Financial Pre-approved Loans. So, skip those bank visits. Cut short the processing time. Make your Mercedes-Benz dream come true without a hassle. Here’s all that it offers you:


1. In the fast lane

At Mercedes-Benz Financial, every plan is centered around your priorities and comforts. With Pre-approved Loans, you can save what’s the most precious commodity today: Time. Get your loan approved in less than 30 seconds and own your dream ride. On the contrary, it also helps you in your decision-making on which Mercedes-Benz to buy based on your loan eligibility.


2. 100% secure

When you test-drive your Mercedes-Benz and make up your mind on it, all you need to do is apply online, get your loan approved and drive away. A process that’s designed to be secure and quick. So that your worries stay at bay.


3. Goodbye bank visits and queues

In times like these, staying in is the best way to be safe. You can get a Pre-approved Loan from the comfort of your home. Your Relationship Manager/ Mercedes-Benz Financial Executive will do the rest. You do not have to step out at all.


Ready to go for your Mercedes-Benz? Well, your Pre-approved Loan is ready for you. All you need to do is apply now or call us on 000 800 0501 888. We’ll be there to help you every step of the way whenever you should need us.

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*Disclaimer: Mercedes-Benz Financial is a business division of Daimler Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd.


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