STAR Agility

Iridium Silver Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Get assured Guaranteed Future Value for your car, offering you flexibility and peace of mind.

STAR Agility is an easy and innovative way to own the Star. It is designed to provide exceptional flexibility and peace of mind. With STAR Agility, you get a range of benefits such as Guaranteed Future Value of your Star. You also get the flexibility of choice where you can trade your existing car with us and upgrade to a new car after three years or you can keep driving your dream by paying the balloon installment.

Key features of STAR Agility:

• Affordable EMIs: It is a balloon based financing which results in low EMI outflow. STAR Agility is a tailored financial solution and the EMIs are devised based on customer's requirements
• Flexibility of end of term: With STAR Agility you can choose your own loan tenure. The possible choices with STAR Agility are: 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and 48 months. (Best suited for three or four years)
• End of term options:
• Trade: By trading your vehicle in for a new model, you will be protected from negative equity
• Retain: Simply pay or refinance* the guaranteed future value amount and keep the vehicle
• Return: Hand back the keys with no further obligations*
• Flexibility of choice: Customer can choose the mileage limit depending upon the usage expected. With STAR Agility you get a choice between 15,000 km and 20,000 km per year depending on the usage of vehicle
• Guaranteed Future Value: It is the future value of your car guaranteed by dealer which is decided at the time of your purchase
• Enjoy the ownership: With STAR Agility, add an asset as solid as a Mercedes-Benz to your books and also enjoy depreciation and tax benefits*
•Peace of mind: Star Protect Gold comprehensive insurance offers add-on covers like loss of key, engine protector, zero depreciation, & tyre & rim protection

* Subject to credit approval at time of transaction
* Terms and conditions apply

    *Subject to credit approval at time of transaction. Terms and conditions apply. Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is subject to vehicle maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, Fair Wear and Tear conditions and Kilometer Restrictions. Trade and/or Return features are subject to Fair Wear and Tear conditions and kilometer restrictions. A copy of the standards will be provided to you with your STAR Agility Finance documents or, is available upon request.

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