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QUICKPARK – Park Assist System

  • The QUICKPARK is ideal at places where space is limited. The system is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged.
  • It is based in ultrasonic technology: ultrasonic signals are bounced back off obstacles in their path, and the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle is indicated by an audible warning signal.

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Rear-Seat Entertainment System

All the thrills of the cinema. On a relaxing drive in your Mercedes.

  • Cinema atmosphere – two 17.8 cm colour screens, each with integral DVD player and option of separate video playback.
  • Boredom-free travel – USB, SD card slot and AUX input for image, video and audio formats, 2 sets of infrared headphones and a remote control.
  • Safety for all – screens are permanently integrated into the seats.

The Mercedes‑Benz Apple iPad® Docking Station Plus

  • The mount for the Mercedes-Benz Apple iPad® Docking Station Plus is attached to the seat structure behind the head restraints and permanently connected to the vehicle. Separate cradles are available for iPad® generations 1 and 2. The cradles can be swapped over in the mount if required.
  • During your journey all of the entertainment options saved on the Apple iPad® – e.g. films, music or games – can be accessed. The iPad can also be networked with different internet solutions, e.g. the Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot. The Apple iPad® can be removed from the mount at any time.
  • The mount can be rotated around 90° and tilted 25°, ensuring an optimum viewing angle.
  • To ensure unrestricted functionality, there are apertures for the On/Off button, for the USB port, for the speakers and for connecting headphones.
  • The on-board power connection means that while the Apple iPad® is in the mount and being used on board it can be charged via the separate Apple charging cable.
  • The mount is crashproof and meets all specifications for in-car use, ensuring optimum safety for everyone on board.

iPad Docking Station

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